char_kamariaKamaria is a young thief who grew up on the streets after her family was killed in a raid by Mage Scouts for illegal magic use. As such, she is very untrusting of mages and of most of society in general, viewing herself as an outsider. She is highly skilled by refuses to join any Theives’ Guilds because she doesn’t want to be wrapped up in their politics. She would rather fend for herself and not worry about anyone else’s problems. She accidentally crosses the Theives’ Guild, however, and to appease them has to attempt an impossible heist, for which she teams up with Drake and Thel, two more experienced cons. In the chaos that follows the job, Kamaria finds herself wrapped up in all sorts of new problems, mostly in how she’s going to deal with the Guild. She also has to learn to live with Rhonwen, Drake, and Thel, and even learn to call them friends.