char_drakeDrake is the avatar of Kiaraz, the God of Night. He was raised in secret by the High Temple of Mandra for the purpose of growing up to be the Covenant’s physical protection as all the avatars before him had been. However, the idea of lifelong servitude to a bunch of whacky priests and priestesses with the little political dramas didn’t really appeal to Drake. So, at a young age he ran away from the Temple and struck out on his own – learning quickly how to beg, pickpocket, con, and work for his food and shelter.

Before long he rant into Thelonius and the two of them started travelling together, neither one wanting to settle down and be caught. They have since lived the rogue’s life – wandering from place to place and earning their way either honestly or dishonestly with little care. Drake’s life becomes complicated, however, when he meets Rhonwen and Kamaria. He becomes accidentally bound to Rhonwen and transformed into a small housecat. He and his friends now have to journey far and wide to find a way to bring him back to his human form and free him from his bonds to the Covenant.