Age of Night Cast


Baltazar Faramond is a Mage of the Violet Order, skilled in illusions, suggestion, and thought-detection. Originally employed by a powerful merchant-lord to ensure fair dealings with his vendors, Baltazar’s massive ambition soon leads him elsewhere. Steeped in the politics of merchants, mages, Covenant, and Shadow, Houses, Baltazar realizes that with his talents he can play many of the elements off each other to benefit himself. With his friends Odd and Zeke, Baltazar will persue his goals of power and riches, but not without a fair bit meddling from the crew Drake, Thel, Rhonwen, and Kamaria.


Drake is the avatar of Kiaraz, the God of Night. He was raised in secret by the High Temple of Mandra for the purpose of growing up to be the Covenant’s physical protection as all the avatars before him had been. However, the idea of lifelong servitude to a bunch of whacky priests and priestesses with the little political dramas didn’t really appeal to Drake. So, at a young age he ran away from the Temple and struck out on his own – learning quickly how to beg, pickpocket, con, and work for his food and shelter.

Before long he rant into Thelonius and the two of them started travelling together, neither one wanting to settle down and be caught. They have since lived the rogue’s life – wandering from place to place and earning their way either honestly or dishonestly with little care. Drake’s life becomes complicated, however, when he meets Rhonwen and Kamaria. He becomes accidentally bound to Rhonwen and transformed into a small housecat. He and his friends now have to journey far and wide to find a way to bring him back to his human form and free him from his bonds to the Covenant.


Kamaria is a young thief who grew up on the streets after her family was killed in a raid by Mage Scouts for illegal magic use. As such, she is very untrusting of mages and of most of society in general, viewing herself as an outsider. She is highly skilled by refuses to join any Theives’ Guilds because she doesn’t want to be wrapped up in their politics. She would rather fend for herself and not worry about anyone else’s problems. She accidentally crosses the Theives’ Guild, however, and to appease them has to attempt an impossible heist, for which she teams up with Drake and Thel, two more experienced cons. In the chaos that follows the job, Kamaria finds herself wrapped up in all sorts of new problems, mostly in how she’s going to deal with the Guild. She also has to learn to live with Rhonwen, Drake, and Thel, and even learn to call them friends.


Ezer “Odd” Oddmund is a Mage of the White Order, specializing in healing. Odd was recruited to the Mage Academy before he was old enough to walk due to his enormous potential. His natural talents, however, meant he had to spend less time studying and made him lazy. Odd skated through  his years at the Academy, only excelling when he needed to in order to secure his job at as a healer at a merchant-lord’s palace. There he met Zeke and Baltazar and became good friends with them. Although he has little in the way of personal ambition he enjoys going along with whatever adventures his companions think up.


Rhonwen was raised and educated in the Mage Academy, under the White Order (a branch of the Mage’s Guild dedicated to healing, purification, and exorcism.) She spent her youth studying and practicing magic and looking forward to the day when she would become a professional healer. Her dedication to her studies left her a bit lacking in social experiences – a problem which Drake is eager to correct when he meets Rhonwen on the way to her first job. Things don’t go quite according to plan, however, and Rhonwen ends up bound to Drake, who has been transformed into a cat. In the quest to release Drake from his bonds, Rhonwen must travel with Thelonius and Kamaria, and encounter many new people and places outside of her limited experience.


Thel is the longtime friend and travelling companion of Drake. Thel ran away from home at about the same time as Drake, only instead of running from the Covenant, he was running from an arranged marriage – Thel was still too young and rebellious to settle down. In a blind panic, he fled his home and quickly adopted a disguise to keep from being recognized on the road. What complicated Thel’s escape was the fact that his entire family (including himself) are trained spies and asassins and were likely to find him if he wasn’t extremely careful. Thel spent a lot of time running and hiding nervously before meeting Drake, who quickly taught him how to relax, have fun, and enjoy life as a vagabond.

Thel quickly grew to lke the wandering life and all the freedom it afforded, and started viewing Drake as a younger brother, someone he would do anything to take care of and protect. When he and Drake join up with Kamaria and Rhonwen, Thel becomes the de facto leader of the group – his training and experience making him sharp-witted and levelheaded. His skills will be put to the test when facing ghosts from his and Drake’s pasts.


Ezekiel “Zeke” Diethelm always had ambitions of joining the military – of spending his life protecting the Republic of Amathea. However, when Zeke tried to enlist he was rejected. Zeke settled for work as a private guard for a merchant-lord in his hometown. It was working for this merchant that he met his two best friends, Odd and Baltazar. Despite years of little to no action in his guarding job, Zeke’s protective nature still drives him on. When the three are fired from their jobs with the merchant Zeke agrees to wander the countryside with his friends – both to protect them and to seek the noble adventures he feels his been missing his whole life.