web_mapDrake and Thelonious are friends and con-men: enjoying the easy life of drifting from town to town, scoring free food and charming ladies into their ill-gotten rooms at the local inn.  Things suddenly change for them when they cross paths with Rhonwen, a naive young White Mage on her way to her first job after graduating from the Mage’s Academy, and Kamaria, a brusque thief trying to get out from under a debt to the Thieves’ Guild.  In the botched heist that follows, Drake finds himself transformed into a housecat and bound to Rhonwen and the four unlikely companions set out together to return him to his human form.

Along the way, they realize that the task is much bigger than they first thought; Drake is the Avatar of Kiaraz, the God of Night.  He must not only change his body, but also free himself from his ancient bond to the Covenant of Mandra, the primary religious force of the land.  Along the way Drake, Thelonious, Rhonwen, and Kamaria face obstacles and opposition from foes great and small:  from the ambitious Violet Mage Baltazar Faramond and his friends/sidekicks Zeke and Odd, to the Mages’ Guild, the Shadow Houses, and the Covenant of Mandra itself.  The four must overcome many challenges and their own pasts in order to complete their quest, free Drake, and find their place in the world.